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Listening to live messages, or using a microphone users can receive and respond to voice messages in real-time - to one person or an entire group. Stay in constant contact with other Python users with live voice which allows you to have instant voice conversations with a simple touch action. This app uses your smartphone's Internet connection, thanks to which your thermal goggle can be connected to each other.

Thermography is currently considered the best kind of night vision because you can detect objects in complete darkness. It is widely used in the sphere of security, military, navigation, rescue areas, fire areas, industry, medicine and science.

The great innovation is that Python uses a micro thermal camera that allows consumers to capture the power of thermal imaging and see clearly through total darkness, dust, smoke and fog. Nexo realized how cool it would be if users could also immortalize their night time activities, so it created an innovative thermal goggle which delivers clear images in complete darkness and colourful images in daylight, to provide users with the ideal monitoring solution.

Python makes it easier than ever to capture your world in no- or low-light situations like never before, in fact you can take photos or record video using thermal imaging.

Geolocation gives you essential information to make better tactical decisions. With Python you will always know where other users are and what they are doing, in fact you can track their every move in real-time. This app uses Python's integrated GPS.

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Product Compatibility

Python, one of those unique products that all technology fans love, is compatible with all devices running with Android 6.0.1 and all iOS devices.


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